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my mother…


My mother has the softest cheeks and smells so absolutely sweet…  it’s Oil of Olay.  Her mother shared the same familiar sweet fragrance…  And, it’s the only reason I wear it today.  



My Mother’s hands are strong…  All grown up, mine still fit in hers…  I think they are beautiful, they tell a story of her strength and her beauty. If I could draw, I would draw you an identical picture of her hands without ever looking at them. Isn’t it funny what comes to mind when we think of our Mothers? And, almost always, when I think of my Mother, I think of her Mother. I can tell you the same traits of my Mother are identical to that of hers, down to the smell of her skin, the age spots on her hand and the kindness in her heart. I come from a long line of strong women. Godly women. This trait, above all others, is what stands out the most.

Throughout the Bible, you will find a mother… Through different scriptures, we can learn of her story, her responsibility, her strength, her challenges, her faithfulness and her blessings. It wasn’t until I became a Mother myself that I fully understood the responsibility of being a Christian mother. It wasn’t until I became a mother that I fully appreciated my own mother.

I am so grateful for my Mother and my grandmothers, their love for God and their desire to raise Godly children. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful Mother. He has blessed me with so many different wonderful mothers. Not everyone can say that they are surrounded by godly woman, but I am so thankful to be! All the different mothers in my life are a daily guide and encouragement to be the Christian mother God wants me to be.

With everything in my, I am seeking God so I can be the godly mother they need me to be…  I am raising Word Warriors.  When they are grown and I am old… and gray… and longing for home…  I want them to know my love for them came from an undistracted devotion to my Lord.  

Today I am full and overflowing…

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