RADIANT  |  Day 14…Radiant BannerSo, where are you on this journey?  I pray that you are grasping the desperate need to be Radiant.  We are living in such a time as this…  we need to be desperate to shine our light for those trapped in shadows and held by invisible chains.  

Listening to my pastor this past Sunday it hit me so hard the responsibility  we carry as Christians.  If we don’t share our stories…  our FIRSTHAND faith with our children and our family what will happen to the next generation and those that follow?  The Israelites were held as slaves long after Joseph and the miracles God performed.  They had grown weary and lost their desire to believe and to shine.  Over time people made a decision to not share their FIRSTHAND faith stories and eventually they were nothing more than faint times that existed long ago.  I think about now and how hard it would be to imagine even the time in which my grandparents grew up and that is less than a century ago.  Thinking on those lines, can you imagine trying to remember what happened 4 centuries prior to present time.

We have to be RADIANT and shine our light for Christ, never has there been such a crucial time as where we are now.  You know, it’s like this…  someone’s FIRSTHAND faith story become another’s secondhand story.  And some people live out there whole life with just this experience of secondhand faith.  Serving, loving and being satisfied never wanting more or never thinking they could have more.  So many get stuck here in this place of complacency and it is so sad.  Then there are those who really hear the story being told…  and open their heart allowing God to change their secondhand stories INTO life-changing FIRSTHAND faith stories!  Did you catch that?!  And see, it just continues…  Passing through generation after generation stories of real FIRSTHAND faith being told to children and grandchildren, shining a light for others to see.  

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” ( John 8:32)

This is truly our time to shine for the cause of Christ.  We can’t allow our faith to slip though and miss anyone, any generation.  We have to daily be RADIANT, sharing Christ light with everyone we come in contact with in ALL situations and circumstances and opportunities!

Allow God to give you FIRSTHAND faith stories to share and shine!

be radiant!

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