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Simple Living// 31 Days


Ok, really let’s not even think of this as a 31 day series. Yes. I really just did post earlier remarks TODAY on my lack of discipline for a series specially a CONSECUTIVE series. And, I really just did type out the title to this post beginning with 31 DAYS…
Maybe because it’s October 1st and I feel like I’ve accomplished something by posting on the first day of the month. I don’t know. I just can’t help it. My brain never stops. I love Jesus and I’m a bit crazy. The two have nothing to do with one another, but everything with one another. I’m crazy for Jesus and I simply love Him. On occasion, I think I might be loosing it. But I wouldn’t admit that too many. If you’ve heard it, then you know I deeply love you.
At any moment if you could take a peak inside… My thoughts go from broken women, the unchurched, books in the Bible, breeds of chickens, to secretly googling lessons I have no idea that I am teaching. Throw in a constant (for real I can’t stop) desire to scream out what God has done, a need to hold the hopeless, achy arms for the motherless, mixed in with a deep love to serve and encourage all held together by my hunger to humbly be the Proverbial woman all for the sake of The Kingdom… And well, you tend to get a jumbled up mess. But in His eyes, a beautiful mess. Because I know I hold Him in the center. He is my anchor.

So, I’m going for simple. Simple Living. I have been wrestling with it for quite a while now. Walking humbly, simply. Wanting to rid myself of the wants and just rejoice in the joys of my needs being fulfilled. Wanting to live as Christ lived, unburdened and free. A FIERCE FOCUS on my Jesus so that He is reflected in the life I live.

Living simply isn’t easy. Walking in a closet full of pretty things and staring at my very own SMALL collection of Louis’… I want to have the heart to sale it all. I say this as the latest Anthro lies on my counter with beautiful pieces I will wish and consider. Oh, I want to know how to balance it all. Really, I just want to walk with Him by the shore and share this life with my Maker. I need to understand how to turn a boat of greed and worldly needs completely around and drive upstream, against the current of this life. I want to be like the Wise men from afar giving my kiddos three gifts instead of foolishly giving three SETS of thirty… And then I want them to LOVE IT, like it is the greatest gift they have ever received.

Crazy. I know. I told you.

One thing I am certain of. The more you seek Christ. The more you come to know Him. The more spiritual knowledge He gives, the greater the desire to change.

He’s changing me. My sweet husband. My family. It’s exciting. It is.

Of course our Missions Pastor would share her heart on living a humble and simple life. Annnd, of course my Pastor would boldly share his thoughts on the desires of worldly things this past Sunday. Something about never seeing hurse and uHauls linked together. And, all that seems to pop up on my screens are His appointed and divine words from scripture pointing to this very idea.

I don’t know about you guys but God has got to be the funniest person I know.

Andy and I have found ourselves desiring a more simple life. A holier life. A Christ-like life. We are attempting simple living. And as with everything in our marriage, our family and our life- Christ is at the center. He is the core behind everything, behind our story and this beautiful mess.

So, I’m gonna be intentional in allowing simple living to make its way into our everyday. I’ll let you know how it goes… And, for my dear friend Jo… “Consecutively”.



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..this is part of a 31 Days series of Simple Living.

Seeking a more simple way of life.
Simple Living for the sake of a more Holy, abundant life indwelling with His presence.

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