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Simple Living// 31 Days



Tonight, I was reminded of God’s GRACE.

Grace, often misunderstood but simply a beautiful gift which is given freely to all men and women. It’s so simple a child can understand. We too often complicate His Grace and doubt it’s true nature because of its pure simplicity.

Grace is a gift offered to all who will accept. To receive grace, you must accept the gift. John tells us that God sent His one and only Son that whoever would believe in Him will have eternal life. When you believe in this and accept Christ as your personal Savior; you have received the gift of Grace. Now, to walk in it…

Accepting Grace and choosing to walk in it is simply TRUSTING the Holy Spirit to guide you in the everyday. We SIMPLY have to listen to His leading.

There was a time in my life that looked very different from the life I live now. I have ALWAYS loved The Lord, but I have not always lived for Him. He has done a mighty work in me… I am so thankful for His Grace, it is all I need. It truly is greater than all my sin.

It’s simple.
Accept it. Apply it. Walk in it. It’s a gift and He is giving it to you. Don’t over complicate this simple truth. Oh, their is real freedom in His grace.

Simple living is walking in His grace.

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..this is part of a 31 Days series of Simple Living.

Seeking a more simple way of life.
Simple Living for the sake of a more Holy, abundant life indwelling with His presence.

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