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our newest chicken coop


A couple of weeks ago, we went to our very first chicken show, featuring bantams of all shapes and sizes.  And, when I say all shapes and sizes ~ I mean…

Is she not fabulous?!  I believe she is a Buff Laced Polish…  This whole chicken thing is still a bit new to Andy and I; we are learning and reading all we can to be good chicken keepers.  I bet you didn’t know there are hundreds of different chicken breeds.  So, if you are wanting to get your feet wet in the chicken world, you are bound to find a breed that speaks to your soul!  This  one is saying ~ I feel you.  I know you. Take me home!  Of course, Andy swears he never heard her utter these words…  

However, daddy’s little girl was able to sweet talk him enough to leave with the one she wanted! Oh yeah, and a ROOSTER at that!  I distinctively remember HIM saying before we leave, NO ROOSTERS!  Ha!  Wait.  Now that I think about it…  I got a rooster too.  Bless his heart ~ he loves his girls and hates to tell us NO!  Heavens, I love him.

This little guy just had Emma Mae at cock-a-doodle-doo and it was over after that…

He’s a fancy little thing.  Feathers on his feet.  And, he is so sweet.  Just lets her hold him and pet him.  We named him Thomas d’Uccle after his breed and the fine man who gets roped into our little projects.  (he’s a keeper and such a talented craftsman)  Thomas d’Uccle is the Belgian Bearded d’Uccle (for those wondering, pronounced dew-clay) a bantam originating from the town of Uccle on the outskirts of Brussels, Belgium.  Here in the US this particular little chicken is known as the Millie Fleur.  

As fancy as Thomas d’Uccle seemed to be there was no doubt he needed his own coop.  

I hated to start from scratch with building this coop.  Looking high and low for something that would work, I spotted the perfect beginning to our new little coop.  Do you remember our little project with the potatoes back in the spring?  Well, if not, you can read about that here.  Out of all three different ways to grow potatoes, the square wooden contraption was my least favorite.  I told Andy my plan and he thought it would be perfect!  Yoohooo!  So, we grabbed the old container, flipped it over and started adding on to complete the coop.  

Making sure they can fit.

It turned out perfect!  An, now I am thinking everyone in my family needs a coop and two hens for Christmas! (laughing out loud hysterically ~ thinking of my sweet husband reading this…)

Get a coop for Christmas!  Chickens are good for the soul!  But, of course JESUS is much better! 

We love our new coop, isn’t it groovy?  Now, if we could just find Thomas d’Uccle a fancy little lady…


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