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Can Joy make a difference?


So, I had this thought…  And it got me thinking…  

During my many years in Tuscaloosa trying to obtain a college degree which I successfully, eventually accomplished; I had a couple of different jobs.  One I loved, which allowed me to  work on campus with lovely people near my school, the College of Human Environmental Science.  It was a great experience and honestly played a huge roll in my walk with Christ, thanks to a lovely, godly lady named Faye.  

Then there was the other one…  waitressing at a local diner.  It was terrible.  Horrible.  A nightmare.  NEVER will you see me EVER lose my cool or patience with a waiter or waitress.  I have complete LOVE and understanding AND respect for that challenging job position!  I was a constant nervous wreck and had it not been for mine and Andy’s buddies that worked along side of me, I would have never survived the few weeks that seemed to have lasted an eternity.  I mean, it was bad….  the whole spilt tray of teas, forgetting to place the lovely visiting families order on game day, vegetable bowls spilling everywhere and then there is the whole greasy floor thing…  

Digressing and moving on…  

There was this one girl, BUBBLING with enthusiasm, I mean she LOVED her job or sure seemed to enjoy it.  The customers LOVED her!  She was totally in her element; serving others with a smile bringing them food for their bellies. The customers loved her and of course her tips were proof.  Crazy tips!   And honestly, it came from cutting up, always serving with a smile, having fun and loving what she was doing.  

So, as Christ followers, sharing Jesus should have the same results as my old waitressing friend received from her customers! Don’t you think?  Sharing Jesus should be so exciting; always serving others with a smile.  If we really did this, intentionally tried to choose JOY when we so often choose to grumble…  WOW!  I am thinking what we would receive back would be CRAZY good.  The response of just sharing Jesus because we simply love Him SO!

I love Jesus.  I am amazed what He has done for me.  Sure, we are human…  My kids get a little too rowdy, a little too loud, the waitress takes a little too long (ahhHum!) or everyone just doesn’t seem to be as chipper as you.  WELL, we have a choice and one of our choices is JOY.  Crazy thing…  when Jesus was about to head back to Heaven He promised His followers that there was another who would be coming.  One that would comfort them, lead them…  See, when we received Christ into our hearts we also received the Holy Spirit.  And, through the Holy Spirit we are given power and authority to trample snakes AND lead godly lives. Um, hello!  WOW!!  Isn’t that crazy exciting?  It is just whether or not we CHOOSE to…

Really when it comes to Christ and His message, His cause… He simply wants us to love.  By loving we choose JOY.  

So…  Who’s got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy down in their heart?!   When we have Joy in our hearts, people take notice! 


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..this is part of a 31 Days series of Simple Living.

Seeking a more simple way of life.
Simple Living for the sake of a more Holy, abundant life indwelling with His presence.

  1. Larry Gamble says:

    Winning souls is Exciting and a Blessing.

    • Natalie says:

      You know it Larry! Ministering along side you, it is truly a blessing to plant seeds with you! You have taught me so much and I love you dearly! Such an encouragement in my walk with Christ and here on this blog as I share what God is doing! Thanks you!

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