Eleanor R.

what satisfies your soul?


For as long as I can remember, I have desired specific things…

Gardens and pastures.  Chickens and aprons.  Quilts under the sun.  Screen doors slamming and kiddos running wild.  Okay.  I know.  It would have probably been easier to say, “the country life”.  But the other sounded so much more poetic…

To live an abundant life satisfied and full with the things that matter and really knowing it…  doesn’t that sound awesome?  A soul flooded with Jesus.  Intentional friendships.  To be real, authentic, full of purpose, who God intended for me to be, simply for the cause of Christ.

A have a covenant marriage built on Christ and not promises.  One that would last through the ages.  One that would give hope to others.  A marriage that would preach the gospel of Jesus just in the mundane everyday.

OH!  And, to be part of a story, a FIRST-HAND FAITH story, His story, one that I could share for the sake of the Kingdom…

If we aren’t careful, we can allow life to get all crazy and crowded.  Busy and consumed.  And if the enemy has his way, our days will be filled with much stuff and much emptiness.

I am learning to be truly filled.  Truly fulfilled.  We have to desire only Jesus.  When we have a fierce focus on Christ, the craziness, the chaos, the business all seems to fall to the wayside.  There is this desire to let go of some things that I have allowed to consume parts of my life over the years.   For me, to truly find peace, I know I  must desire Christ and Him alone. Only Christ will satisfies my soul.


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  1. Larry Gamble says:

    Nat you are AWESOME and true Christian Lady, with a bright sunshine smile.

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