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We were in high school, I’m thinking 12th grade here when someone passed up a neatly folded note to me. I looked up and back down the row to see him looking my way with a slight grin. A million butterflies. A million. Even back then he was a man of few words. He liked things simple. Not real gushy. So getting a note from him was always a big deal. I was flipping out on the inside. I mean. He wrote me a note.

I quickly cupped my arms just right to hide and unfold… and prepared my heart to take in his earth shattering words.

“I really love your peaches. Wanna shake your tree.”

Earth. Shattering.

I mean. I thought my heart would burst right there in the classroom. Have you ever read such poetry in your life?

So. You better believe over twenty-five years later I still get a giggle when I see a peach.

Perusing through a local market in Nashville last week, I couldn’t help but laugh… And bring him home a bag of peaches…

Listen up. I’m not sure if it’s all that biblical. And I’m sure not comparing bringing home peaches to laying down stones. But it’s good to remember. It’s good to remind one another of moments from long ago.

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Take a moment and think back… Let your heart wander over the memories and then share one with your spouse.

Linger a little longer this evening and enjoy a good laugh together. Sometimes in all the every day, it is good to remember. ♡


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