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Word Warrior Challenge

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In the last 40 years, I have created many habits… good ones and some not so much.  However, there is one habit God desires from me.  God has asked this very thing from my life time after time and I have wrestled more with this one request than anything ever presented.  But my heart desires to be consumed with Truth. I want to grab hold of these words and wrestle as Jacob did until I am CHANGED, marked, transformed, Truth-filled, walking away DIFFERENT and overflowing.

With this stirring deep within I want to prepare for the New Year by creating the one habit, God desires of me.  I am diving into another Word Warrior Challenge and I would love nothing more than for you to join me as we wrestle to go deeper.

So, who is this Word Warrior Challenge for?  Anyone who is looking to take a step towards being intentional with reading God’s Word, our 21-day Challenge is for YOU, my friend!

It’s a simple way that we can begin making the Bible apart of our every day! Look for a daily post that will encourage you to get you in the Word!  They say it takes 21 days to break a habit or create one… let’s CREATE a GOOD one!

Each Friday we will check in with one another for accountability!  Can I just tell you that accountability is so essential within the body of Christ?   Are you wondering how will we do this?   Well, I am glad you asked! Here are ways to get involved, be held accountable and encourage others as well… Each Friday posts a picture of your time with God in His word. What will this look like?  This can be a picture of your Bible, the scripture you are reading, what represents the scripture we are reading,  your environment… whatever you choose.  Along with the picture, share with your friends (and us) what you are doing, why and what the week in God’s Word has meant to you!  We want to be certain that you tag your post on Instagram or Facebook with #wordwarriorchallenge.  This makes it so much more fun by allowing each of us to glean from one another’s intentional time in God’s word.  And we really want to cheer one another on!

With our “Friday Check In”  on social media  make sure  to comment with thoughts and encouragement! This is a BIG deal folks!  Also, feel free to post at any time what God is laying on your hearts during these 21 days!  We are beginning today with expectant hearts!  Trusting His word… 

you-will-seek-me-and-find-me-when-you-seek-me-with-all-your-heart-1I am SO ready to get into God’s Word together! For the next 21 days, I will be posting each morning our scripture references to read together.  This is SO exciting!!  Are you excited?

Again, I encourage you to join us, create conversation and take these next 21 days to devote to Bible reading TOGETHER!

Who is joining me?


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