Raising warriors and chickens can be crazee! You know that saying one step forward and two steps back?  Ever feel like you have a grip on things, on life?  Only to realize you are way off!  Well, that was me today…
The enemy makes it super hard to keep the world out of our lives, our homes, and our families.  There have been days I have felt defeated.  You moms might can relate… just the thought of this world at the tip of our children’s fingers can be terribly frightening.  Today, I was faced with the reality of this and given an opportunity to make a decision.  In the chaos and anger of the situation, it would have been so easy to give in and allow what I knew in my heart was wrong.  I know, I considered it. But, in that moment God brought a story I had once read and studied several years prior to my mind… almost instant in the moment.

During the time Isaiah received his prophetic calling, King Uzziah had really messed up… after serving God and doing great things, he became proud and arrogant which led to his fall.  His son Jotham would choose to serve differently, learning from his father’s mistakes.  Although he was a good King who served faithfully, we learn that the people continued to live corruptly.  How does this happen?  Good and faithful man?! And, THIS, is where I heard from the Lord… a thought, a verse I remembered, which took a little digging to find… tucked over in 2 Kings 15… “He did what was right in the Lord’s sight just as his father Uzziah had done.  Yet the high places were not taken away…” Now, my kids weren’t building altars but I was indeed allowing something for them that I would not have for myself. This is where things get tough for us… Parenting is hard. Most rewarding, but tough. If you find yourself in the throes of parenthood, let me encourage you to not only trust that God will direct your paths if you seek Him and allow Him to lead but He will also reveal His truths and His desires for you and your children.  Don’t get caught up in the struggle of the temporal and lose sight of the eternal.  It is not worth it, stand firm. Thankful He is molding us to be our #elrodssundaybest ♡

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