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box of photos being organized

The Best Photo Organization

Let’s get organized! With two of my kids graduating from high school, I knew it was time to organize the bajillion photos I had accumulated over the years. I found the best solution to my bucket and drawers overflowing with years of photos. I love how it turned out and gives my family easy access […]

a picture of the best cinnamon roll icing to make

The Best Cinnamon Roll Icing

Josie and I were having so much fun in the kitchen, making our very first homemade cinnamon rolls, when we realized we had forgotten the best part… the icing! I hollared for Emma’s help and told her we needed a good icing ASAP. She grabbed some milk, some confectioners sugar and started doing her thing […]

family picture in front of tennis wall with kids and mom and dad kissing

May 26, 2019

My man, everyday rocking my world and giving life to my dreams.Me, sporting the high tops and well… unashamed.My little man, making my heart burst at the seams. I about can’t handle his big arms and tender heart.My baby girl, growing into this brilliant beauty soon to be my very best friend.My Josie, like my […]

Immune Boosting Elderberry Syrup with Essential Oils

I love making elderberry syrup with essential oils for my family, especially during the winter months when germs seem to be on the prowl. At the beginning of our road to better health, I found myself looking for more natural alternatives to over the counter products.  In my search, I came across an article about […]

Great Way To Grow Readers

First big girl book. All words. No pictures. Lots of chapters. They say leaders are readers. What a great little nugget I picked up on several years ago from John Maxwell on getting his own kids and grandkids to read… for every book they read, he would pay them the price of the book. Pretty […]

August 20, 2017

  Raising warriors and chickens can be crazee! You know that saying one step forward and two steps back?  Ever feel like you have a grip on things, on life?  Only to realize you are way off!  Well, that was me today… The enemy makes it super hard to keep the world out of our lives, our homes, […]