Eleanor R.

Why You should remain Committed to Christ

Faith, Wellness

I was talking to a friend about life and pain and chaos and why things happen to those that love the Lord. I wanted to share my heart with you guys in case you might be wrestling with these same words. Nothing fancy, just what God has shown me through my struggles. I believe things happen because sin happens. Flesh to often gets in the way and when it does, things get gray, we get confused and life feels chaotic. Fleshy things happen to faithful folks. That’s why it so crucial to constantly be in God’s Word, renewing our minds and protecting our hearts. Like many of you, I have faced trials that seemed hopeless from my perspective. The praying. The waiting. Wondering if my circumstances could ever be restored, redeemed. Addiction grabbed hold of my life in very pivotal seasons. My dad allowed God to break chains over 20 years ago. I can remember twenty years ago and I can tell you I questioned if there was an end. Over those twenty years, God continued to be found faithful. Time and time again. When addiction again reared its ugly head I knew what my God was capable of doing and I knew I just had to believe. It was that simple. Again, restoration. This month I’ve been intentionally camping out on the pages of Ruth. Soaking up every word. A couple of things about Ruth… She chose God and she remained committed. God allowed me to see these victories over addiction. But I believe He will continue to do mighty things through my families decision to choose Him and remain committed. Freedom was just the beginning. Ruth was redeemed and experienced restoration but the best was yet to come. Always know He is up to something, working out all things for those that love Him. If you are struggling with life and failing to see His hand. From my experience and Ruth’s, I would say choose Him. Like REALLY choose Him and remain committed. Believe He is at work on your behalf. And how cool that the unity of Ruth’s redeemer would bring forth our Redeemer. Greatest Book EVER. Keep it simple. Like Peter & Andrew, no longer hesitation. Immediately they put down their life and followed Him. Take Him at His word. He is Jehovah Jireh. Why should you remain committed to Christ? Because, He makes a way. ♡

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