Eleanor R.

Rooted In Wisdom

Reading Plan

Our culture today allows us the expense of excessive knowledge at the simple prompt of our voice.  At this, we are filled with an endless hunger for knowledge and influence.

But wisdom… Isn’t that knowledge?

I am here to speak to you, the woman who the world is trying to reflect a specific way.  In a time where our culture is screaming all things FEMALE, it is important for us to be armed through the Holy Spirit and filled with God’s wisdom to respond biblically.  I want us to be women who not only see and recognize Christ in our reflection but also KNOW Him.

We women, need to know that we can have all the knowledge and still lack wisdom.  Yes, there is a difference.  How do we become women rooted in wisdom? First, by knowing that wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord. This fear isn’t how we feel walking in the pitch dark of night.  To fear the Lord is to be in awe of Him and to have respect, reverence and worship to Him.  You cannot seek wisdom without pursuing God.

I challenge you to join along in reading a chapter from Proverbs every day.

Read the book of Proverbs with a desire to seek and respond to God through reverence, respect, and obedience to His Word.  I pray through reading and studying these scriptures you will know God more and His wisdom will encourage you in your day to day producing a deeply rooted desire for biblical obedience in your own life.

The Big Picture.  Most people approach Proverbs with the pursuit for biblical wisdom.  Through encouraging words we discover that we cannot have true wisdom apart from God.

Click on the image below, save to downloads, print and stash it in your Bible! If you are feeling frisky… Go ahead and print out a couple more… tape it on your fridge by your computer and or on your mirror! Whatever you do, just begin.

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