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FLOW Scripture Memory Challenge


The FLOW is a fun Word Warrior CHALLENGE created to encourage you in the spiritual discipline of being in God’s WORD daily and hiding His Word in your heart.

For me memorization has ALWAYS been a struggle. Throughout school my method of learning something difficult and challenging was simply… “Remember. It’s the one you can’t remember!” Now, don’t make fun… this brilliant method my Mother used with me worked every time. I can even remember throughout college, especially studying art history, struggling with challenging content to learn and memorize, thinking… Ahhhh. Remember! This is the one I can’t remember and always getting it right on the exam.

So, FLOW is a method I didn’t invent but definitely using to apply in my struggle to memorize scripture. Basically it’s my version of… “Remember, it’s the one I can’t remember” scripture memory method. And, guess what? It works! Simple but brilliant. Thanks Mom!

If you struggle to memorize Bible verses and even have a hard time getting in God’s WORD daily… THIS Word Warrior challenge is for you my friend! Seriously. I guarantee this weekly challenge will not only help you learn scripture but get you in God’s Word daily!

So, FLOW. Let me lay it out for you… FLOW is the First Letter Of Word memorization technique we use for memorizing scripture! Writing down the First Letter Of each Word in a set of scripture allows us to flow through a passage of scripture with ease, giving hints of what’s to come. Repetition is KEY and before you know it… you’ve done it! You have memorized scripture and hid it in your heart! Wooohoooo! Way to go friend. This is a daily discipline I am CONVINCED will change your life. Big words, but I’m sticking to them.

You wanna know how do we get started? Wonderful! Great question. Glad you asked! Again, I am making it simple for you. Life can get so busy in a hurry and before you know it, time and great intentions have gotten away from you. Knowing this first hand along with my love for the Bible, I am passionate with finding ways to get God’s Word into our everyday. So, at the beginning of each week, I am gonna send you a new verse, a printable download and screensaver for your phone! Easy. You just need to print it off and stick it in all the right place you frequent throughout the day. Put one in your Bible, one by the coffee pot, one on your desk or nightstand to review each night… just print it off and keep it near! The best way we have found to keep it before us, is having it on your phone. We are most likely to see it there throughout the day… I know! But, that’s another challenge for another day. TODAY we hide God’s WORD in our heart.

Click on the picture below and let’s get started. I am so excited!

A little more on FLOW here and here!

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