Eleanor R.

IMMERSED IN WONDER | The Allure of Wildlife


There is something undeniably unique and captivating about wildlife. Whether catching glimpse of an awe inspiring eagle in flight, the gentle grace of a deer tip toeing through the woods or the rhythmic melody of a morning dove echoing through the air, being immersed in nature and experiencing wildlife encounters can have a magnificent impact on our emotions and memories. Especially me! Just ask my family.

God’s creation truly posses an exquisite beauty that is unrivaled. Experiencing nature and wild encounters together with my family has had this unique ability to forge lasting memories that not only tie us to the wonders of this world but to one another creating a stronger bond of family.

moose peeping behind tree in grand tetons

For this reason, we have always known the importance of being intentional to allow time in nature to freely experience all that God has created in it for us to explore. We are obsessed with a grand adventure outdoors… and by grand, I mean anything from time in our garden to hiking through The Narrows in Zion.

Whether it’s a National Park or your backyard… I encourage you to make plans TODAY to get outside with your family, explore and make lasting memories!

So much to be discovered and so many memories to be made!

You can find snippets of some of our wildlife encounters here!

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