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CREATING EPIC FAMILY TRIPS | The Power of a Secret Adventure


Who doesn’t love a surprise? I mean, especially if you are the one knowing and surprising. Well, there’s this one thing we are intentional about with each family adventure and I know you will love it too!

Over the years in traveling with our kiddos, we have made a point to leave a few destinations or pits stops off of our travel itinerary. I know, so simple. But, this one thing has made for some fun surprises and great memories!

We set aside an entire week for exploring our way through Florida. With a destination set, I begin searching for the perfect secret places to add along the way. Right outside of Alabama’s capital, I found the most unique place and with zipped lips, kept this little gem hidden from my entire crew. It was one of the highlights of our entire trip. As we drove down back roads and crossed waters and bridges, the suspense was growing. Even my map savvy man couldnt figure it out… It wasn’t until we parked that my family realized we had landed on the movie set of Big Fish in the little Town of Spectre. We had the best time exploring the grounds and were making plans to return before we ever left. It was such a dreamy place with room for your imagination to run wild. The real struggle was trying to leave without packing in a few of the baby goats, that ran wild over the grounds. My Josie Cole was in heaven trying to catch up with one of these baby goats and give it all the love she had… She just couldn’t hold back the emotions.

little girl holding baby goat on the set of Big Fish in the Town of Spectre

Since the girls got their very own cameras, we’ve made a point to document more of our adventures, both big and small!
So excited to have finally got around to putting a lot of our travel clips to video. And of course, to free up some space for capturing more adventures… lol! Literally, at this moment, I have over 20,000 photos and over 2,000 videos on my phone alone!

So! go check out our vlogging videos! So much fun. We want to set fun and intentional examples that our kids will not only treasure but also want to continue with their own children one day.

This road trip we had three goals… make it to Key West, hit some National Parks and create some great memories together as a family along the way. I can report, we met our goals with great success.

Next time you plan an adventure for your family, try surprising your crew with a secret activity. I guarantee they will love it!

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