Eleanor R.



…it is taken from the longest chapter in the entire Bible. Psalm 119 is an acrostic (or alphabetical) poem, meaning it is divided into 22 stanzas (sections), one for each Hebrew letter.  whether or not this poem was originally written as an acrostic poem, it was most certainly written with great intentions for the reader to study, learn, memorize and hide in their heart.

…tells of the power and purifying quality God’s WORD holds for the believer who hides it deep within their heart, meditates on it daily, and knows it is their greatest treasure.  When we love, honor, and obey God… and have His law deeply rooted within our hearts, we begin to create a pattern of seeking and finding in our lives. 

…is not so much about the fact of hiding it in our hearts as it is the beautiful obedience that will naturally come from a supernaturally transformed life. 

Have you seen God’s WORD make a difference in your own life?

Our One Table Journals were created to be a valuable tool in helping you hide God’s WORD in your heart.

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