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Loving Your Husband Well

Farming ain’t always fun. Seriously though. Even with 🐓💩 flying around he makes me blush. I mean he peered in the window with this contraption on his face and sounded like he said something ugly. I don’t know. I was confused. And then he was gone. Of course I googled what I thought he might […]

the truth about chains: one year later

The most binding chains are the ones you don’t see.  But the real truth about chains -they aren’t really binding at all…  there is One who holds the power to break them.  I don’t even really know where to begin…   I am overwhelmed.  Full.  Blessed.  And overflowing.  I serve a faithful God.  The One […]

being uncomfortable…

It had been a really rough week…  It all kind of just changed in minutes time.  You know, when you are just sitting up on the mountain enjoying the view and then BAM…  You are flat on your back wondering what happened. February was a really crazy month and honestly I don’t know where to […]