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#elrodssundaybest 05.27.18

TOGETHER From day one this has been our standard. Even during the really, really tough seasons, weirdly, this togetherness has never changed. Our faith, our traditions, our childhood, our parents, our struggles, our anchors, our disappointments, our celebrations, our desires… they all played a role and made this priority. Our together has come easy and […]

Lincoln Memorial

#elrodssundaybest 10.01.17

FREEDOM | Freedom represents the extreme opposite of being enslaved but can hold significant differences to the individual. So many opportunities on this road trip to teach my kiddos about freedom. Such a powerful word. From The Flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to the birthplace of Booker T Washington… the stories and history of […]

#elrodssundaybest 08.20.17

  Raising warriors and chickens can be crazee! You know that saying one step forward and two steps back?  Ever feel like you have a grip on things, on life?  Only to realize you are way off!  Well, that was me today… The enemy makes it super hard to keep the world out of our lives, our homes, […]

#elrodssundaybest 08.06.17

We are passionate about cultivating Christian living in our home. We don’t always get it right, but our heart is to train up our family God’s Way. I pray our kiddos learn from both of us, the different spiritual disciplines that will help them grow in their faith. I rally loud and he quietly leads. […]

#elrodssundaybest 07.30.17

Minus @thejojothemomo this morning and I think it’s got us off-kilter. Speaking of off-kilter… the coolest chair ever is boxed up to our left, your right. Have you ever seen the Herman Miller Magis Spun Chair? Coolest chair ever. It was used for a great example of how we share the gospel. Powerful visual. The method of […]

#elrodssundaybest 07.23.17

When your bestie bud calls and wonders if she gets a beach house to get away and talk about Jesus and prayer would you come…. 🙄 Seriously. Last weekend we spent #elrodssundaybest with some of the best folks I know. When it comes to talking Jesus, reaching for purpose and sharpening iron, beaches aren’t necessary […]