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quiet the world and listen for what you know

Emma Mae imprinting. They say you should immediately imprint the foal to create this bond, this familiarity. Caressing it’s head, rubbing it’s ears, breathing your breath into its nostrils. All this in hopes to make a mark, create this connection, imprint who you are in order to always be connected. A bond that will last […]

three different ways to grow potatoes

Andy and I along with the kiddos have loved planting potatoes each year in our garden.  When Will and Emma were younger, we would go out to the garden and hunt for dinosaur eggs!  I think the excitement of carefully digging and searching for the little “eggs” have stuck with Will and Emma over the […]

our newest chicken coop

A couple of weeks ago, we went to our very first chicken show, featuring bantams of all shapes and sizes.  And, when I say all shapes and sizes ~ I mean… Is she not fabulous?!  I believe she is a Buff Laced Polish…  This whole chicken thing is still a bit new to Andy and […]

clover for your chickens…

  When I was a little girl…  my friends and I would play under this huge weeping willow at our elementary school, PG First Baptist Church School to be exact.  It’s swaying limbs seemed so magical as they danced with the wind.  And, under that tree a beautiful blanket of clover just for us girls. […]

a meeting long overdue…

It was love at first site… Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce…  The new loves of my life.  Aren’t they fabulous?! I don’t really remember how it got started… Let’s blame Jeffrey…  No really, I am not certain…  In moments like this I go straight to tunnel vision.  One minute I was eating at Andy’s […]