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5 Ways to Avoid Spiritual Amnesia

I asked him if I could talk about our story.  I didn’t have to ask, but I always do.  Always a “sure!” but this time his answer was different.  Barely looking up, he questioned why and told me it was an old story. The spiritual discipline of being in God’s Word has helped my thoughts […]

why we should lay stones of remembrance

I’ve got a terrible memory.  I struggle with details.  My past thoughts seem more like a movie trailer…   highlights in random order.  This drives me crazy sometimes, especially when I am really wanting to remember and anchor a season. But, there are moments that we say we never want to forget.  If you are […]

marriage tips remembering is good

Fatback and A Fancy Evening

So… you might have heard me once or twice talk about how I have always loved the Lord but there was a time where I was not living for the Lord… Ok. Just prefacing the story to cover my little self… This was during that time. And this isn’t a real spiritual post.  Just FYIn’ […]

marriages need to remember

We were in high school, I’m thinking 12th grade here when someone passed up a neatly folded note to me. I looked up and back down the row to see him looking my way with a slight grin. A million butterflies. A million. Even back then he was a man of few words. He liked […]

Loving Your Husband Well

Farming ain’t always fun. Seriously though. Even with 🐓💩 flying around he makes me blush. I mean he peered in the window with this contraption on his face and sounded like he said something ugly. I don’t know. I was confused. And then he was gone. Of course I googled what I thought he might […]

the truth about chains: one year later

The most binding chains are the ones you don’t see.  But the real truth about chains -they aren’t really binding at all…  there is One who holds the power to break them.  I don’t even really know where to begin…   I am overwhelmed.  Full.  Blessed.  And overflowing.  I serve a faithful God.  The One […]