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Homemade Grapico Ice Cream

I scream, YOU scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! It’s been at least 25 years since Andy’s dad started making us Grapico ice cream and it continues to be a sweet treat for my kiddos today! The first hint of warm weather and we are pulling out the ice cream maker and a bottle of Grapico!  My whole crew […]

Deliciously Easy: Apples and Granola Bake Recipe

I like food and fancy but without all of the fuss and this recipe is just that…  Granola Stuffed Baked Apples is what you need in your life.  Really, you do.  This recipe is sassy but super easy and one you can make with your kiddos.  Don’t be fooled with simple though… it’s packed with […]

Best Pepper Jelly EVER

Okay y’all, just the other night Andy discovered Hot Pepper Jelly dumped over a block of cream cheese and I think I saw his life change…  I had no idea he had never tested this southern staple at parties before.  I mean ~ a block of cream cheese and a jar of jelly!  It is the […]

rosemary baked sweet potato fries

I’ll be honest… I hated sweet potatoes.  I KNOW!  What was I thinking…  But now, ask me if I love sweet potatoes and I just might swoon at the thought of that plump little orange ball of goodness!  Seriously. I can’t get enough.  AND, they are super good for you!  They are high in vitamin […]

making your own bone broth

If you are wondering WHAT in the world is bone broth and WHY do we need it…  You have landed at the right spot. Bone broth is a simple but nutritious broth made from chicken bones.  And, let me say it is just not any ole’ bones! The bones we use come from a local […]

Homemade Natural Pain Cream

Recently, we were asked for a natural alternative that would help with physical discomfort. After trying several recipes, we settled on this great combination of Young Living essential oils and were thrilled to get such a great response back from our family and friends!  Here is the recipe we having been whipping up left and […]