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will you stand on the rock

Bodies dumped. Drugs pushed. Women sold. The bible doesn’t tell us to run from hell. It tells us to stand at it’s gates, rattle it’s bars and scream, let His people go!  His word gives us the assurance we need… And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my […]

Firsthand Faith [no. 1]

February 4, 2014   I have heard it so many times.  The first time was enough.  But she continues to testify to HIS goodness… With each time she unselfishly shares, I hear something new, another part to her journey. Usually more gripping than the last.  But what rips at my very soul is that she […]

made by her hands…

As I took this small flower from her hands, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the new creation that Christ was blooming within her…   She said it was the first flower she had ever crocheted.  It was beautiful!  She will never know the small token of her handiwork would be the greatest gift […]

the Blue House and the beaten down path…

For as long as I can remember, I have been captivated by the beauty of old homes, the lure of the architecture and the stories they tell.  Nothing more thrilling than riding through an old neighborhood late in the evening where life is not hidden with shutters or blinds.  Warmth and love just flowing from […]

[Day 9]

RADIANT  |  Day 9… For the first time I listened to her words.  This fireball of a little woman spoke with such love and  conviction.  Listening to Lisa {Roxanne} for the first time…  her words reached deep into my soul and stirred a place I didn’t know existed.   I couldn’t shake the feeling.  Something had […]

he asked if it was true

It wasn’t too long ago…  Andy was out-of-town.  We were huddled in the bed.  It was late and I couldn’t sleep.  I clicked over on my laptop and found a Netflix movie I had not seen…  The Help.   I began to watch. They were so still I had no idea they were awake until I looked […]