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engage the word: kids edition…

Being a homeschool family, we are always on the look out of ways to combine learning with the everyday. Because really for us, school is 365 days of the year.  My thoughts on homeschooling are ever-changing as a result to find what works best for our kids and our lifestyle.

for the love of God, shut your mouth…

Oh, Lord help me. Here goes…   I am going to be a little blunt…  which is so unlike me.  Really.   It seems the older I get; mindless chatter is so very painful.  Okay, I said it.  Oh my word that was so painful.  I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.  I didn’t intend […]

when you feel you have no purpose…

Have you ever felt so displaced, out of sorts, without a mission?  You seem to be surrounded by those with “a calling”,  a purpose.  Where could you possibly fit in…  Why should you make the effort to find your place, your reason.  You wonder if you have been forgotten when all around, God seems to […]

when the storm passes by…

This past weekend marked the two-year anniversary of the ravishing, deadly tornado rightfully named, April’s Fury that swept  through Alabama.  It came like a wrecking ball and destroyed most everything in its path…  most everything.   {photo courtesy of Leigh Ann Pearson} Why do we immediately focus on the struggle when things get so bad? […]

iPhone and ghosts…

Right now, I have 3,287 pictures on my iPhone.  Crazy!  And, I know I am not the only one…  go ahead, look at yours.  What are we gonna do with all these photos anyway, really?!   This little nut in the picture above, likes to get a hold of her “Sissy’s” phone…  This was just […]

The Wellhouse, Inc: Special Ops

Special Ops   I don’t know these people. . .  but I know them.  They are my brothers and sisters in Christ.  No, I couldn’t even tell you most of their last names. . .  but there is a connection that runs deeper than most life long relationships.  When God is in the equation, it changes […]