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family picture in front of tennis wall with kids and mom and dad kissing

May 26, 2019

My man, everyday rocking my world and giving life to my dreams.Me, sporting the high tops and well… unashamed.My little man, making my heart burst at the seams. I about can’t handle his big arms and tender heart.My baby girl, growing into this brilliant beauty soon to be my very best friend.My Josie, like my […]

Covenant Marriage | Bible Study + Reading Plan

Be warned friend.  The world has shown us a counterfeit love and sadly many have accepted. Maybe not intentionally but over time with the wearing down, we’ve been deceived and it pushes hard to be our standard. Whatever your experience with love has been, up until this point, whatever your marriage may look like today…  […]

The Path to Truth & Beauty

We almost missed this moment. A pretty serious hike led us to one of the most beautiful hidden beaches in Maui. A local fave. We had to go. But the trail was so dangerous and SO uncertain. I knew it would be worth it if we just pressed on. The path to truth & beauty […]


Recognizing Christ & Believing for Beautiful

In a fun getaway, my family and I came across this amazing wall of letters.  I took this picture and have often looked back to make sense of what I had captured. Sitting here in a conversation with Jesus…  desperate for direction, I found myself pulling out this photo once again. Still just letters, still […]

May 27, 2018

TOGETHER From day one this has been our standard. Even during the really, really tough seasons, weirdly, this togetherness has never changed. Our faith, our traditions, our childhood, our parents, our struggles, our anchors, our disappointments, our celebrations, our desires… they all played a role and made this priority. Our together has come easy and […]

Rooted In Wisdom

Our culture today allows us the expense of excessive knowledge at the simple prompt of our voice.  At this, we are filled with an endless hunger for knowledge and influence. But wisdom… Isn’t that knowledge? I am here to speak to you, the woman who the world is trying to reflect a specific way.  In […]