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box of photos being organized

The Best Photo Organization

Let’s get organized! With two of my kids graduating from high school, I knew it was time to organize the bajillion photos I had accumulated over the years. I found the best solution to my bucket and drawers overflowing with years of photos. I love how it turned out and gives my family easy access […]

Homemade Grapico Ice Cream

I scream, YOU scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! It’s been at least 25 years since Andy’s dad started making us Grapico ice cream and it continues to be a sweet treat for my kiddos today! The first hint of warm weather and we are pulling out the ice cream maker and a bottle of Grapico!  My whole crew […]

a picture of the best cinnamon roll icing to make

The Best Cinnamon Roll Icing

Josie and I were having so much fun in the kitchen, making our very first homemade cinnamon rolls, when we realized we had forgotten the best part… the icing! I hollared for Emma’s help and told her we needed a good icing ASAP. She grabbed some milk, some confectioners sugar and started doing her thing […]

October 21, 2019

Oh. You know, just another day in paradise. ⁣⁣Three years ago, I informed my crew that we would be taking a picture EVERY Sunday morning on our way out to church. They were thrilled. ⁣⁣We still going strong. ⁣⁣ #elrodssundaybest

little girl holding wooden quizzing box while being prayed over

Raising Word Warriors

My Josie Cole learning God’s Word. Bible quizzing is an amazing way to help kids of all ages learn the Bible. It can be such a fun and interactive way for them to learn the stories and teachings of the Bible. i have seen how Bible quizzing has not only let Josie test her knowledge, […]

woman stepping off curb wearing Albionfit jumper in black in Bozeman montana

The Essential Outfit for Every Traveler | All in one!

Well, at least I think so. Seriously. If minimal packing is important, you are gonna wanna give this jumpsuit a GO. So versatile! I want you to know that I risked ALL the weird looks from my entire family just to get this pic to share with you guys. Actually. I caved at the last […]