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FLOW Scripture Memory Challenge

The FLOW is a fun Word Warrior CHALLENGE created to encourage you in the spiritual discipline of being in God’s WORD daily and hiding His Word in your heart. For me memorization has ALWAYS been a struggle. Throughout school my method of learning something difficult and challenging was simply… “Remember. It’s the one you can’t […]

The Perfect Summer Dress Round Up

Nothing like slipping into a perfect summer dress that effortlessly captures the essence of carefree days, sunshine and charming adventures. From sandy beaches, backyard barbecue, lunch with the girls or dinner with him… Here’s a round up of my favorite dresses with just the right comfort and sass for keeping you cool and confident this […]

IMMERSED IN WONDER | The Allure of Wildlife

There is something undeniably unique and captivating about wildlife. Whether catching glimpse of an awe inspiring eagle in flight, the gentle grace of a deer tip toeing through the woods or the rhythmic melody of a morning dove echoing through the air, being immersed in nature and experiencing wildlife encounters can have a magnificent impact […]

little girl with vlogging camera on the old set of Big Fish in the Town of Spectre

CREATING EPIC FAMILY TRIPS | The Power of a Secret Adventure

Who doesn’t love a surprise? I mean, especially if you are the one knowing and surprising. Well, there’s this one thing we are intentional about with each family adventure and I know you will love it too! Over the years in traveling with our kiddos, we have made a point to leave a few destinations […]


…it is taken from the longest chapter in the entire Bible. Psalm 119 is an acrostic (or alphabetical) poem, meaning it is divided into 22 stanzas (sections), one for each Hebrew letter.  whether or not this poem was originally written as an acrostic poem, it was most certainly written with great intentions for the reader […]

box of photos being organized

The Best Photo Organization

Let’s get organized! With two of my kids graduating from high school, I knew it was time to organize the bajillion photos I had accumulated over the years. I found the best solution to my bucket and drawers overflowing with years of photos. I love how it turned out and gives my family easy access […]