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Simple Living// 31 Days

This morning I woke to the crisp cool air of a beautiful Fall morning. We are well into October and today we feel the true essence of this season. I believe Autumn just might be my most cherished time of the year. But then again, ask me when I am totally immersed into the hope […]

Simple Living// 31 Days

At any given point, you could ask me what book I am reading and quickly I would name a handful at least. I have no idea why I do this. I just do. I love a great story, especially if it’s one infused with my Lord. There’s a lot of them out there. And, because […]

Simple Living// 31 Days

Tonight, I was reminded of God’s GRACE. Grace, often misunderstood but simply a beautiful gift which is given freely to all men and women. It’s so simple a child can understand. We too often complicate His Grace and doubt it’s true nature because of its pure simplicity. Grace is a gift offered to all who […]

Simple Living// 31 Days

Ok, really let’s not even think of this as a 31 day series. Yes. I really just did post earlier remarks TODAY on my lack of discipline for a series specially a CONSECUTIVE series. And, I really just did type out the title to this post beginning with 31 DAYS… Maybe because it’s October 1st […]

[Day 24]

RADIANT | Day 24… What was I thinking? For real, what was I thinking…  Planning and starting a 31 day series on being Radiant for someone who doesn’t  even get ready each morning in the same order!  I mean, it’s different each morning with each new day and I think it might drive Andy nuts.

[Day 23]

RADIANT | Day 23… Late one night after the kids had worn themselves out from the day and were quiet in bed we sat in the dark. Exhausted, but thankful for a quiet moment, we fought our heavy lids and milked the moment.  I pretended to watch television while I was thrilled to steal a moment alone […]