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[Day 24]

RADIANT | Day 24… What was I thinking? For real, what was I thinking…  Planning and starting a 31 day series on being Radiant for someone who doesn’t  even get ready each morning in the same order!  I mean, it’s different each morning with each new day and I think it might drive Andy nuts.

[Day 23]

RADIANT | Day 23… Late one night after the kids had worn themselves out from the day and were quiet in bed we sat in the dark. Exhausted, but thankful for a quiet moment, we fought our heavy lids and milked the moment.  I pretended to watch television while I was thrilled to steal a moment alone […]

[Day 22]

  be radiant! 31 days of Radiant…  catch up here: Day 1, The Journey Day 2, Defining Radiant Day 3, Fierce Focus {Psalms 34:5 memory verse} Day 4, Freedom to Shine Day 5, Community Day 8, Getting Uncomfortable & Opening Up Day 9, Day 10,  John 8:12 {our 2nd memory verse} Day 11, Little Lights Day 12, Salt Day 13, […]

[Day 21]

RADIANT  |  Day 21… Radiant ramblings from my heart…

[Day 20]

RADIANT  |  Day 20… Don’t be afraid of the dark.  Sometimes we hold ourselves back from truly shining.  Fear and pride have such a grip we feel we have nothing to offer and remain in the dark.   Sometimes we find ourselves in such a place there seems no hope.  We could never make enough effort […]

[Day 19]

RADIANT  |  Day 19…   You want to be Radiant, you want to shine your little light?  Be kind one to another.  It is really that simple.   Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.  |  Ephesians 4:32  From cover to cover, Genesis to Revelations it is […]