RADIANT  |  Day 21…

Radiant ramblings from my heart…

We fight over the flashlight.  No one wants to be left in the dark.  Not enough for each to have their own.  So, we walk tight, side by side, too close for the day.  The dark draws us in to be able to see the light, see the path we are on.   Not looking beyond the ground which is illuminated, afraid we might stumble or lose our way in the dark.  I dwell in the light.  The light dwells in me.  I love how He speaks even in the ordinary, the everyday.

So many times I have asked for direction, for purpose, for wisdom… discernment.  When really there are times we simply need to trust.  Asking God for trust in Him.  Trust where we are at and not where we are going.  Eager to seek the future we too often lose site of the present.  The present is a gift of the precious now.  The very moment in which God has placed us.  His mighty word whispers there is purpose for every season.  I trust you sweet Lord in this season.  I thank you for the light that surrounds my place, my circle, here in the now, in this moment.  Use me in this space.  Allow me to be radiant here.  Use me in the place which you have allowed your light to shine through me.  Use me here in this place, on this holy ground which you dwell, you illuminate. I will trust that you have me exactly where you want me, illuminating that which needs your light.  I will hold onto this truth and your promises.  I will continue to press in towards you, seeking your face, drawing closer to see the path.   Trusting that your light shines just enough for me to see where you have me.  I have no choice but to draw near to you.

draw near, trust in Him and be radiant!

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